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hahah :D nice one and you even decided to include Finland in this one that's uncommon ^^ (yea i live there).


Great video and the music was well made for this one too along the animation and the story. Now im happily waiting for part 2 =)


Watched this cause Oscar recommended it and yes it was good. :D

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I survived for 22 days on my firts try but then i got bug and i couldn't shoot, chance or reload my weapon and then i died... other than that it's a good game.

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Quality song

This is really something to be found on newgrounds :P I wonder what Vst's ur using for your guitar sound? Cause it sounds good.

Good ;)

The drums were the best part of this song, did you program them? If not I wonder what soundfont ur using cause the drums sound good. Could u tell me?

Song is a little repetitive and it certainly needs more lead guitar, but it ain't bad this way because strings add nice moody feeling to it.
You just use a bit too much the same chord progression and same melodies. Thus it sounds repetitive. I dont know if u wanted it to though.

You should try learning some new riff patterns with the guitar rather than just hitting the chord once or pummeling it.

All in all don't give up guitar and remember to practice, practice, practice. U got potential. =)

mr-vincent responds:

Yeah, sure, I need to find new rift patterns... I reality, i should only take more time to work on my songs... I put 5 hours on the last one :p

Drums are sampled with Reason 4.0 with Refill drumkit... But you know, there's a lot to do to make them sounds good... a lot of ajustements...

And for the chord progression of the strings, they are only doing minor chords...

I gave it a 5

I don't really like progressive rock as it is too slow too "progressive" but this song had pretty good intro and also nice guitar playing. Unfortunately I didn't like the rest of the song. After 2:16 it sounds like the song starts again there..
I checked your profile and you have played 2 years and really played all those parts? That's really good in 2 years, I'm sure there isn't many musicians in Newgrounds that can shred like you with guitar. I might be able to, but only with a keyboard ;) keep on practicing.

Kor-Rune responds:

I like contrasting styles in progressive rock, how it can range from pure evil death metal to happy major key chill-songs. I'm so just so fascinated by that, and since this song is part of a 20 minute song, I did a circular ending and ended with the same progression as I started with on the first few bits, so that's why it sounds like it kind of starts again.

Glad you enjoyed part of it, thanks for the review!

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